About us

We know well Polish and European sector regulations and we apply these in practice. We understand how significant compliance is to companies from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, in all areas of their activities.

We advise mainly global pharmaceutical companies by supporting them in key business areas such as reimbursement of their products from the public funds, promotion and advertising, distribution, clinical trials, compliance and business contracts. We also provide advice to other law firms in matters falling into the scope of our expertise; we also assist investors and investment funds interested in these sectors, by advising them in M&A. We advise not only under the Polish regulations, but we also take into account European law.

We have an over fifteen years’ experience in counselling clients from the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors, supported by our experience with the public healthcare sector.

It allows us to understand specific requirements applicable to them; we know the problems and challenges they have been facing over the years and at present.

We provided legal services to big pharma corporations, including those listed on US stock exchanges, which in turn allows us to understand their principles and values.

In selected areas requiring specific expertise, we seek assistance from the reputed law boutiques being our friend law firms that we know well and with whom we cooperate. In particular, in the competition law area we rely on the expertise of Modzelewska & Paśnik law firm.

We cooperate with Izba Gospodarcza “Farmacja Polska”, a pharmaceutical industry chamber in Poland


We aim at being not only a legal service provider, but first of all a useful adviser, understanding the needs and requirements of the business


Along with our expertise and a long-term experience in providing legal advice to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors, we are happy to offer our commitment, responsiveness and willingness to meet our clients’ determined requirements, as well as to take into account our clients’ work style and corporate culture.


We offer various forms of fees, including traditional hourly rates, monthly fixed fees and capped or fixed fees for a determined piece of advice.


Monika Duszyńska/Partner

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Marta Moszczyńska/Associate

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Paulina Konefał

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